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Winer Screw
Winer Screw
Winer Screw
Winer Screw
Winer Screw

Winer Screw®

With lower drilling-torque, screw-drilling work becomes easier, quicker, less power."Winer screw®" has been tested by ATS (Asia Technical Services) by using Schatz VE Germany.The drilling torque is approved around 30% less than normal chipboard screw.(please reference PDF2.)


  • Samples specification: 5X80/50mm, double countersunk head, Pozi recess.

Shin Chun Developed Low Drilling-Torque Screws

Through continuous study and test for many years, we finally succeeded in developing low drilling-torque screws. We call it "Winer Screw®".

In fact, the issue “how to reduce drilling-torque” has never been stopped in study. And really some good idea was raised like point-cutting (type-17) etc. even the self- drilling tek is used for WOOD. Some of the solutions did reduce the drilling-torque. But in the meantime, pull-out strength is also reduced obviously. Winer screw® has a perfect design on thread.

The thread type is not traditional round type, but diamond type with jag. This design makes the thread not fully surrounded/contacted by object wood when drive-in, so the friction can therefore become less and accordingly drilling-torque is reduced. Besides, the jag also does great help in increasing the power for cutting wood fiber. Furthermore, since the thread type is changed from round type to diamond type, the space becomes bigger and can stuff more sawdust when drive-in. It helps to reduce drilling-torque too, and it also reduces the possibility of object wood getting crack.

For pull-out strength, since there is no destroy to thread in production like point- cutting or self-drilling tek, the affect to pull-out strength is very limited, nearly none. Furthermore, since the diamond threads are helically threaded, this ingenious design also submits support to keep pull-out strength high.



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