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Construction of No.5 plant is finished

2011/ 04/ 27


Through 100days’ hard working, the construction of no.5 plant is finally finished. Adding 666m² of no.5 plant, the total factory area becomes 3727.9m². Without any hesitation, we install 7sets each of heading machines and threading machines in it, which makes our total capacity up to 32 sets of heading machines and 33sets of threading machines. Besides, by this chance, we have all the floor of 5 plants painted by Epoxy. Though it costs a lot of money, the clean environment makes our quality control much easier and both the products and our workers can be in healthy environment.

For loading increasing capacity and making the production environment cleaner, brighter, No.5 plant has been decided to be constructed. The construction has been started on Mar.10, 2010 and is planned to be finished by Jun. 2010.





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